25 Years Later, Looking Back on Pictures of Our Wedding and Reflecting…

My wife and I in 2016 celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We feel it's an accomplishment. Certainly to those who were skeptical that we would make it, and to the doubts within ourselves that we would make it, it is a milestone to be celebrated. We have proved ourselves to be solid, steadfast and resourceful.... Continue Reading →

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Why I Support Legal Late-Term Abortions

Newsweek in 2009 published my piece. "Abortion wasn't an option for my parents, but raising my severely retarded brother nearly destroyed our family." It sparked a great deal of online debate, and was republished (with permission and compensation) in a textbook. Click to read. I wrote the piece not so much to advocate for late-term... Continue Reading →

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Jon’s Place

Written in 1986 by Ann Buie Loomis "Today I did something I hadn't done in 30 years," I told my husband when I got back from my annual vacation to Myrtle Beach last month. "I know! You made it down and back without getting lost," he responded sarcastically -- or maybe it was hopefully: he... Continue Reading →

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‘Old Sins Cast Long Shadows’

"The sins of the fathers (and mothers) will be visited on the children to the third and fourth generation." (Exodus 20: 5; 34:7). Old aphorisms are worthy of personal reflection. They come to mind in discussing both personal family histories, political history and racial history. In America we are less inclined to believe old sins... Continue Reading →

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Fix Our Eyes on the Unseen

"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." —2 Corinthians 4:18, from Verse of the Day. A new program on National Public Radio, Invisibilia, which is Latin for "all the invisible things," focuses on the "unseen"... Continue Reading →

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Day After Death: the Power and the Glory

A little after one a.m., I felt the gentle hand of a nurse on my shoulder. She whispered, “I believe he has passed.” Indeed, the tortured breathing had stopped. At last, he was at peace. Duncan McKay, my father’s lifelong neighbor, town Samaritan and family friend, arrived shortly to drive me home. We gathered up my father’s things... Continue Reading →

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A Father’s Death

On a Thursday morning in late June of 1988, my mother called to say I’d better come home. My father was in so much pain, she said, he couldn’t possibly last much longer. I asked to speak to him. She said she didn’t think he could speak, but I could perhaps say a few words... Continue Reading →

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Glimpses of the Beyond?

At midnight after my mother's mid-afternoon burial, there was a huge thunderstorm that struck the pear tree in the backyard of the house she lived in for sixty years. My son Matthew was sleeping in the back room and was awakened by the windows rattling loudly. Lightning bolted into his room. The overhead light turned... Continue Reading →

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Letter to a Young Skeptic of Religion

Religion asks you to accept a lot of things "on faith" without thinking them through, the young skeptic of religion says, calling himself a disciple of logic, reason and science. In the Christian Church, for example, one is expected to recite the Apostles Creed, to swallow it hook, line and sinker, which he isn't prepared to... Continue Reading →

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A Christian Approach to Islam

Watch this on Youtube.com (Hat Tip, Andrew Sullivan). Since I live in a Muslim country (the UAE), I took a four-week introductory course, led by my Anglican minister, on Islam, the world's fastest-growing religion.  It seems to me that an essential way to understand the diverse cultures, histories and religions of the world is to first... Continue Reading →

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‘God Is Watching You’

"Today, while secularism and unbelief are at an all-time high, the willingness to believe in some kind of payback or karma remains nearly universal," Dominic Johnson writes in God Is Watching You: How the Fear of God Makes Us Human. "Even atheists often feel they are being monitored and judged. We find ourselves imagining what our... Continue Reading →

‘The Unexamined Life…’

"The unexamined human life is a lost chance to behold the divine." -- Frederick Buechner's theological twist on Socrates' observation that the unexamined life is not worth living, as told to Rick Barlowe in The Boston Globe, 2008.

The Healer’s Journey, As Illustrated by Diane Gabaldon’s ‘Outlander’ Books and TV Series

Diane Gabaldon's "Outlander" book and TV series include the classic hero's journey, Brian Creech observes in the Outlander NC Facebook group. In an episode that takes place in pre-revolutionary NC, the hero, time-traveler Claire, a surgeon, encounters a Native American woman who "serves as a powerful vehicle in Claire’s journey of self-discovery," Creech posts. [Giduwha]... Continue Reading →

Is Religion Compatible With Secular Democracy?

Increasing authoritarianism in Turkey leads the NYT editorial page to ask if Islam is compatible with democracy, or if it encourages collectivism and authoritarianism. Living in Muslim countries for eight years -- Turkey and the United Arab Emirates -- I lost my fear of Islamic extremism because I so rarely if ever encountered it. I... Continue Reading →

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